Late to the party I know.. but I have arrived!

This is well overdue (so I'm told)..  I am jumping on the blog bandwagon!!   There is a reason of course as to why I took so long to get to this particular "To Do" on my list..  I'm a painter not a writer.  

So with that in mind expect to see less text and images aplenty in my posts.  I think that will be about as much as I can manage in the beginning.  Who knows, in time I may even write a paragraph!!  

Really, it's just going to be for news and photos that don't quite fit on my website, like my travels, stuff I like and want to share and the odd ''painting in progress'' picture. 

How does one sign off one of these things?!  I actually have this problem with emails as well.  Writing to friends who aren't quite close enough for a "Love Denise" ending get  "Lv D", or just a  "D."    I wonder what everyone else does these days?  

xoxo ?


Lamma Island, Hong Kong.

p.s. The photo is my view today from my flat on Lamma Island, Hong Kong.  There is a typhoon in the general area today. My first for this season.  It's not heading our way but is close enough to make it's presence felt.. lots of wind gusts, showers and dark clouds.